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Special Report - Sea Kayaking!

We go Sea Kayaking with "Sea Kayak Devon" what a day!
" Now we could see plenty of fish jumping and almost all suitable trees had cormorants or herons sitting in them but both of these were rather shy and would take flight when we got closer. A seal popped up its head for a brief moment and that was a great treat. "....more

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2016 Race Reports

Witley Classic Enduro Feb 2016
half way around I managed to get stuck again in a similar style but this time it was in a very muddy rut and took even more effort to drag the stricken bike from the hungry mud.... more here

1st May 2016. LFB & SCMCC combined event - hosted by Dorset Police at Bovington Heath
rocking the bike and pinning the throttle did nothing to alleviate the problem so swearing loudly I jumped off and gave the back end a pull trying to clear the root but it still would not budge ..... more here


2015 Race Reports

Surrey Constabulary H&H at Slab Common 15 Nov 2015
Yep it had all gone wrong and I was losing places fast, crap. After the long straight came another and I think that one didn’t go too well either, not being able to see
properly knocks me a bit.... more here

Normandy MCC Yateley Heath on the 4th October
The gap between me and Ian opened up and closed back again several times in the long (nine mile) lap and I caught up to him just at the start of the Special Test. He set off and I followed a short while later, both of us now ridding a fair bit faster to try and get a feel of the test proper..... more here

Croydon MCC Rowlands Castle Aug 2015
Picking the bike up I was stuck in-between logs so had to ping it over the log and did it a bit enthusiastically so it got out of hand, quite literally, and I had to pick the bike up – again....... more here

Embley Wood H&H 19th July 2015
The track tightened up a bit and we were all close together when we got to a quick open track – that turned out to be a little shorter than the two guys up front expected, so they overshot ....... more here

Slab Common SEEC H&H July 2015 - Witley MCC
I’d still not seen anyone pass me so I tried to keep pushing hard. On each open section I just nailed the throttle wide open and let the bike bounce and skip but changing direction in the deep sand wasn’t easy..... more here

Sidcup mcc H&H 31st May 2015 (canada heights)
Once back into the trees there was another log to cross and there was a bike in the way so I tried to go right, didn’t have enough momentum and tipped off too ...... more here

South Reading H&H 23rd May 2015
Pain shot through me like a knife and I was winded at the same time. I was convinced I’d broken a rib ......more here

Croydon MCC Ray Kennard Memorial Enduro.
Somewhere, about mid way I think there was a slope with a large log across the track, I gave it a go but took it too slow and got my back wheel hooked up on the log allowing one of the guys to catch back up as I heaved the bike over the obstacle ......more here

London Fire Brigade Enduro (slab common) March 2015
I was just getting ready to go and fired up the bike when one of the guys on my minute said “there’s still two minutes to go” eh? Oh crap! ....... more here

Normandy MCC H&H April 2015
I had been caught completely by surprise and was a little confused. I picked the bike up cleared mud out of its guards and set off again....... more here

Drovers Enduro April 2015
Third lap – things were looking grim now. I had to go another two minutes quicker now but a lot of the woodland tracks were hard going with plenty of roots sticking out high in the ruts....more here

South Reading MCC H&H March 2015
I was on his back wheel for quite a while but then we were in the second set of trees and he slipped past a slower rider and pulled a gap on me. This happened a couple of times so now he was out of sight. I pushed hard on the remainder of the lap and once again pulled into the clocking area on his tail and yes once again I blasted past on the long straight down to the woods!...more here

Witley Classic Enduro2015
I came upon a cunning plan – I stood behind the bike, grabbed the back end with both hands and lifted. This cleared the pegs of the ground so I thrust forwards with my body to push the bike forward enough to get out the worst of the rut. It took several oomphs and the thought did occur to me that this must look rather odd.....more here

Snowrun Enduro2015
The first few fire roads and those still in the shade were still ice bound and I passed one rider who was just getting up having spun off on the road. I slowed to ask if he was ok and got a thumbs up to carried on..... more here

RAF Ardua Enduro Jan 2015
I eventually got a bit of clear track but immediately had one of those “wtf?” moments and fell off for no reason what so ever! I was up and going again but not quite quick enough to keep the rider I’d just passed behind me. Oh well I’d just have to wait for another clearing to get by....... more here

Help Section

  • 2005 450 EXC Second re-build report including frame powdercoat now complete!
  • 2005 450 EXC rebuild (2010)
  • JD Jetting Kit Review Dyno graphs and race test on a KTM 250EXC-F
  • Mousse & Tyre Fitting Guide - picture guide on how to fit mousses.
  • RACE GUIDE - Learn all about Hair & Hounds, Enduro's and XC Enduro Race guide for beginers

XT660Z Reports & Holidays

Pyrenees May /June 2014 - two up on a xt660z.  2500mile ride report
Massive / megga 7000 word report of out Pyrenees trip with 100's of pic. Get a cuppa or three and settel in to read this in dpeth report. get it here

XT660Z trip - two up in wiltshire - "The Heat & Heat Ride"
As soon as I got onto the dirt I stood up to control the bike better and got a concerned “what the hell are you standing up for” from the rear! Urrh “I need to stand up to control the bike” was my answer but that didn’t go down to well More.

XT660Z Owner Review
The decision to move to an ‘adventure type’ bike was a slow process. See how I'm getting on with the bike here:

XT660Z trip to Monet's garden in France
Eventually we got back onto the AutoRoute and paid our fee but within two miles all of a sudden I realised the gps was telling me turn off the toll road again! I quickly quizzed Nicky and then with no time to dither I took the exit. After a few more wrong turns I decided to blindly follow the gps on one of those magical mystery tours that only a gps can take you on. Want to read more of a trip to France? Check it out here:

Tenere Goes Dirt Biking - Wiltshire Big Bike Ride
I have to say that when I lead a group (of enduro bikes) through this bit, we always have at least one ‘off’. Guiding the Tenere through these ruts I started to get really worried that I’d bin it and be stuck there for days, pinned down by 250kg bike! There were a few close calls but a couple of well placed dabs saved the day, even if I did wrench the right knee a little. I didn’t feel it at the time but its aching again now. Report

South Africa 2008 - No bikes but a great holiday and plenty of interesting things to read, enjoy. Report

Read Tony's Ride Report From His Recent Himalay Bike Trip:
"we joined the Delhi Grand Prix for about 20 minutes to a hotel for us to recuperate, and to wait for our train (to Kalka’s) departure. We watched the sun come up and wow what an assault on the senses! From the constant din of horns in traffic, people sleeping on rooftops amongst monkeys, heat and humidity, I already loved this place"....more

Older Reports
(See archive lower on page)

Chacombe 10 hour Enduro - SOLO IRONMAN!
The runs across (the very furrowed) fields were very hard on the legs, it was hard to control the bike as it could get very flighty as the suspension got over stressed.   Back round to the start – only 9 hours 45 odd minutes to go!!
more here

South Reading MCC July 2014: My first race in seven months....
I must admit I was quite nervous, and had been all week! One side of my brain (the sensible side) was telling me to go out, have some fun and take it easy. The other (more dominant) side was saying – “hey you are fitter and slimmer than you’ve been in years, get out there and give it your all”  read how it all turned out

Sidcup XC Canada Heights - Report/Video/Photos
I’d gained some places and was right on the rear wheel of another rider when he went down in front of me. I hit the brakes as hard as I could ........ find out what happened!  more

South Reading H&H at Ashdown Farm - Report/Video/Photos
About halfway through the race I got a little sloppy and clipped a tree – with my little finger on my right hand! It was pretty painful and for a while I wondered if I’d broken it.   more

Drovers Enduro + Enduroland Days and even a trip to Ashdown Farm - MEGA REPORT !
check out this megga report taking in one trip to Ashdown Farm, two days with Enduroland and one day with the Chilternhills Enduro Club - oh yes and not forgetting the Drovers Enduro!!!!  more

Snowrun Enduro Feb 2013
One moment of inattention though and I picked a bad line in a wooded section just before the stream and buried the front end into a hole that had the front wheel almost submerged in gloop. Worthless revving and pulling didn't work more

Portland Extreme Enduro Dec 2012
Coming down the ‘hard route’ slope on one lap (I’m not sure which) I opened the bike up flat out once on the deck and flew across to the other side of the quarry, only to find my throttle jammed open with the turn fast approaching!

Enduroland - Marie Curie Charity Enduro Day Aug 2012
it all got a bit messy as we both tried to out brake one another. Darren lost control a bit on the brakes and for a moment I thought he wasn’t going to make it but somehow he did. I managed to manoeuvre my own bike well enough to ensure I was first into the turn and over the jumps first. More.

Soon to be released: Trailtech's New Speedo - Endurance II
I've been given a pre-production Endurance II speedo from Trailtech to review, read all about it here

South Reading MCC at Ashdown Farm May 2012 ........
Once out into the open I used the bikes power to fly up the fields and jumped a small rise then hit the next slope and WOOAAAAA!!!!! I might need to take that one a little steadier on the next lap! Report - Photos

South Reading MCC at Ashdown Farm on March the 31st 2012 ........
At the top of the hill we turned left and hit the gas down the slope. I was doing a fair old speed when all of a sudden a drop-off came into view that had been disguised by the grass. For a moment I thought ‘oh crap’ and then I was flying though the air ....... read more here!

Snowrun Enduro 26th Feb 2012: Ride Report
The Special Test was a typical conifer wood special. The underlying covering is fairly soft so bikes cut into it easily and in no time at all there a deep narrow ruts forming. For any average joe rider this means lots of paddling along sitting in the seat. Expert level riders might be able to ride them but ...... read more here!

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